Shibuya (Tokyo), Japan

I visited Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan for the first time in May 2015. I didn’t take a lot of pictures that day…probably because I was too busy being in awe of the famous Shibuya crossing, and the giant-like stature of this district in Tokyo. I have been back to Shibuya many times since this first visit, but I think the first time holds so much value because it’s the only time you are seeing that particular place with naive eyes.

The busiest Starbucks in the world is the one in Shibuya overlooking the Shibuya crossing. I stopped in for a quick coffee and was amazed at how efficient they were, and how small the coffee sizes offered were (my guess on why this is – it’s to keep people from staying long). For being the busiest Starbucks in the world, it was relatively small, but it was a cool experience.

While you are at Shibuya station, don’t forget to stop by and see the famous Hachiko statue too.


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