South Korea

My adventure to South Korea was a crazy whirlwind trip…mostly due to the fact that I was there on Halloween, which was insanely packed. I did manage to make it to Busan, Osan, and Seoul during the week that I was in country. However, I did not have a chance to do the DMZ tour, which is my reasoning for planning another trip back as soon as possible.

South Korea had a lot to offer from great food, good sights, historical monuments, endless shopping, beauty products galore, and relaxing beaches. My favorite restaurant was in Seoul – the Noodle Box. Their chicken pad thai was delish! No wonder CNN GO rated them so well. Korean BBQ obviously came in a close second.

Seoul Tower (while it might be a tourist attraction), was so much fun and the view from the top was very impressive at night overlooking all of the city lights. Absolutely breathtaking.

I wish I had more time to spend in Busan, but for the little time I did spend, I thoroughly enjoyed the beaches, bars, and casinos. I spent even less time in Osan (since most of my time was dedicated to Seoul), but it had a very American feel to it due to the U.S. military base being so close by.

Fall was the perfect time of year to visit. It was cool enough for a jacket, but still comfortable enough to spend all day exploring on foot. The leaves were changing colors already, which tends to make the sights more beautiful.

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