Miyanoshita, Japan

Miyanoshita is an onsen resort village located in the mountains of Hakone. This area is full of hiking trails, scenic driving routes, and ryokans. We stayed at the Hakone-Ginyu Ryokan during our weekend trip to Miyanoshita, which is an inn that is set alongside a gorge and offers open-air baths (onsen) and private terraces in each room.

A ‘Ryokan’ is traditional Japanese inn that came about during the Edo Period. Ryokan’s usually have tatami-matted rooms, private & public onsens (hot springs bath), and the guests walk around wearing a traditional yukata and slippers. You are more likely to find a Ryokan in the mountain region or by the sea – they are not as popular in the larger cities due to their expensive price tag.

One of the highlights of visiting a Ryokan (other than the open-air baths & amazing views!) is for the dinner experience – which takes place in your private room, with a dedicated server dressed in a traditional Japanese kimono. “Ryokan meals are elaborate, multi-course affairs with a multitude of dishes and ingredients that are carefully and artfully arranged to reflect local and seasonal specialties, expressed in the ryokan’s own unique style. Ryokan dinners usually mirror kaiseki ryori, which is a multi-course Japanese-style haute cuisine.” (www.japan-guide.com)


2 thoughts on “Miyanoshita, Japan

  1. Indeed Ryokans are the place to stay. But they are not necessarily expensive. The ones that we’ve just visited in Toyama did not cost us that much. Hakone is one of those places where prices are high because of location we guess, as is the Kyoto area. And the food is indeed to look forward to!

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