Mt. Oyama Hike

Mt. Oyama is located in Japan and is part of the Tanzawa-Oyama Quasi-National Park – it’s elevation reaching 1,252 meters. Other than Mt. Fuji, this was the most difficult and challenging hike that I have completed to-date, but it was also the most beautiful hike that I have ever done. Towards the beginning of the hike, you will reach a sign that is showing which direction is the ‘women’s trail’ (Onna-zaka) and the ‘men’s trail’ (Otoko-zaka) – this is to differentiate between the difficulty levels of each trail – with the men’s trail being more steep and rocky. Before hiking Mt. Oyama, I read that the women’s trail passes through the Oyama-dera temple, which I didn’t want to miss – so the Onna-zaka trail was my chosen path for the day, and it was a great challenge!

For those that wish to see how beautiful Mt. Oyama is, but do not wish to conquer the hiking trails, there is a cable car available to you. To get to Mt. Oyama, we took the train to Isehara station and then transferred to a bus which dropped us off at the beginning of the trail. There is a tourist office at the beginning of the trail (near the cable car) that can provide you with a map (in English).

Happy Hiking!


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